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Empowered by Iron

What I gain by powerlifting is so much more than muscle: Confidence, a sense of community, a clear mind, and the drive to become the best version of myself (also, callouses. I am very proud of my callouses). Something magical happens when I load the weights, grip the barbell and activate some internal power I never knew I possessed.

I am by nature quiet and modest. You could never have told me 5 years ago that I would actually compete in a power lifting meet (squat, bench, deadlift). Both competitions were amazing experiences of support, encouragement and personal competition. Planning on a third this fall has keeps me motivated for my training.

An active person and gym-goer for most of my 47 years, I finally found my passion for powerlifting about 4 years ago. I tell every woman who will listen how much I love to lift heavy and why they should try it too. I would be happy to speak with any woman at Option 1 Fitness who is interested in trying powerlifting for a strong body, strong mind, and strong spirit. You can find me in the very back of the gym most late afternoons (listen for the sounds of loading weights).

-Trish Breckenridge

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