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Survey Says!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our survey! We discussed the results of the survey at our management meeting on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 and we wanted to follow up with you!

Overall, the staff and the cleanliness of the gym received an average of 4.65 out of 5 stars! Thank you! We try to make your gym experience a good one, which isn’t always easy not being staffed 24/7. We also wanted to share that we run the gym with a very small crew: Melissa, manager, 30-36 hours a week, Mikki, assistant manager, 8-12 hours a week and Carly who is new in member services, 8-12 hours a week. The majority of our work for the gym, is clerical. That’s why you’ll often find us tied to the computer, but we are always happy to help when something is brought to our attention. Also, all of our trainers are sub-contractors who are not employed by Option 1 Fitness and they are only on the floor when they have a client. We don’t currently have any trainers that have floor time, so to speak. Did you know all members get one FREE session with a trainer?! If you haven't claimed your free session yet, please email our director of personal training and group x, Bridget Moynihan at and she can set up a time to meet with you or set you up with one of our other trainers, John Morrisey, Judy Barden, Josh Moore, Lawrence Malloy or Ty Brown! We also want to give a shout out to Rob and Andy who help to keep the gym so clean, working 12-16 hours each, per week!

On to the suggestions!

Regarding the group fitness suggestions: Thank you for all the great suggestions for classes! We will take them under advisement when creating the fall schedule! We also just added an 8am Cycling on Saturdays beginning this week!

Regarding the general suggestions:

1. WiFi: We have been working with Spectrum to switch over to them with FIOS and hopefully end the WiFi issues! We are currently waiting for a surveyor to come out!

2. Music: We plan to re-survey coming in fall and get a new top 4 stations for the weekly rotation!

3. Gym Rules: We do try our best to address when gym rules are broken, when staffed and we see/are told. Again, we have limited staff and the office crew is usually inundated with clerical work, making it hard for us to "police the floor" at all times, but we certainly try! Please also feel free to bring it to our attention by coming to the office, filling out a suggestion slip and dropping it in the suggestion box, calling or emailing us or even shooting us a message on Facebook or via out website chat! Even if it is during non-staffed hours, if we are notified of an offense with time and date, we can check the cameras and address the issue.

4. Repairs to equipment: We do initiate needed repairs with ownership immediately, and then we remain at the mercy of our tech company and their parts supplier as well. The leg extension issue was MUCH bigger than they had initially thought and a part had to be specially made to complete the repair and once that was finally received the tech ran into an additional issue. As far as the triceps press machine, the machine is operational, we are just waiting for our tech to return with a new pin to replace the portion that comes down over your thighs. Hopefully they will return soon to complete the repair! We will also have them take a peek at the cycling bikes while they're here!

5. Phone chargers: During staffed hours, we usually have chargers available in the office!

6. Air conditioning: Our HVAC team was out in June and they set all of our thermostats at their recommended temperature for the units we have for the facility. Unfortunately, we cannot adjust them, or we risk breaking the units and incurring a huge expense to replace them. While most days are comfortable, we understand that on extremely hot days it can be warmer than desired. We hope that the few fans around the building are helpful in those times, to move around the air we have.

7. Personal training: We are currently running a special on personal training through the summer! If you would like more information about the special rates, please contact Bridget!

Again we want to say thank you to everyone who did participate in our survey! We hope we were able to answer some questions you have and address any concerns you may have as well. Please know we are always eager to hear from you about how we can do better!