Back to School, Back to Gym!

Whether you're a parent that's counting down the days until your kiddo is back to school, or a student looking to keep in shape when the pressures and stress of school and work feel like they're getting the best of you; the one thing I have noticed is the large majority of us faithful, or maybe not-so-faithful gym members, really start to get back in to our fitness routines when the fun and excitement of summer starts to die down. If you're anything like me, a consistent exercise regimen goes out the window when you're enjoying a summer of fun, vacations, barbecues, and adventures with good people. By the time September rolls around, we're ready to get ourselves back in gear and back in the gym! Seeing as "back to school" season is in full force and we're either preparing to head back to another year of learning and time well spent with friends, or we're preparing to get back to those quiet moments without your kiddos running around your house... possibly even with their underwear on their heads, yelling they're Captain Underpants... Okay, fine, that might just be my child... either way, we will likely be looking for ways to get back that motivation we once had or fall into a new fitness routine or journey. But have no fear! I am here to help! I have found 7 ways to help you get motivated and back in to the gym!

1. Put on your workout clothes!

Feeling extremely unmotivated? Put on your favorite leggings or cut off tee! Take a few moments to mentally prepare, look at yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself that you are confident, you are strong, and no matter how tired you are, you've got this! That's sure to get you in the mood for a killer workout!

2. Eat a healthy meal or snack before your workout

Studies show that eating a well balanced meal boosts your energy (and your confidence!). Before you get on that treadmill or start your lifting routine, take a moment to have a healthy snack to really get that energy pumping! My favorite is peanut butter... on, well, pretty much anything... but mostly on apples. :)

3. Pump yourself up by thinking positive thoughts about why you started exercising in the first place

Maybe you started your journey with a goal to see more fat loss and muscle gain, or maybe your goal is to get leaner, stronger, or bigger. Whatever your reason was, try to remember where you started and where you want to be! Sometimes writing your goals and thoughts down can be a great motivator! This way you can return to those things you wrote down anytime you're feeling like you need that extra push to make it to the gym.

4. Try group fitness classes

Working out solo isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you're finding yourself losing momentum or feeling like you don't have the energy or ambition to finish your workout alone, try joining a group fitness class. Sometimes all you need is a little camaraderie to keep yourself going! Option 1 Fitness Keene has several wonderful classes, full of supporting members and instructors to help you stay motivated! I highly recommend checking out one of our classes!

5. Workout in an energetic and positive environment

Let's be honest, working out in a place where you feel judged really dampens any motivation you had when you left the house. Not to mention trying to workout at home can sometimes lead to distractions. Whether it be by your kids, the phone, or realizing you forgot to switch the laundry over, it can certainly lead to losing your motivation! Finding a place that you can jive with the energy is just as important as having supportive gym buddies! If you're not feeling the place, you're not letting yourself have the workout you deserve. Option 1 Fitness could be just what you're looking for in a positive and energetic environment. We are diverse, always welcoming to new members of all ages and body types, and we have an abundance of incredibly supportive members and employees!

6. Reward yourself in a positive way

Finding that you work better with a reward system? Do well, get a prize! We absolutely agree! However, rewarding yourself should always be a positive reinforcement of your hard work. Rewarding yourself with a big bowl of ice cream or greasy pizza after a killer workout only ruins the hard work you just put in at the gym. Instead, we recommend that you reward yourself in a way that builds your confidence and promotes your hard work. For example, you've been staying on track with your goal in mind, maybe the next time you're out shopping, reward yourself with a new outfit. Reap the benefits of a reward system by reminding yourself "I get 'x' at the end of month if I keep this up!".

7. Find your fitness squad!

So maybe group fitness classes aren't really your thing, but you still want a companion or two to keep you motivated through your workout. Reach out to a few friends who are looking to start their own fitness journey, or currently have a routine of their own, and ask if they would be interested in getting together to workout. There are so many benefits to having a diverse group of workout buddies. You always have someone cheering you on, you're continually learning from and with each other, you have someone you can rely on when you're really feeling like you need the extra push to get in the gym, and you have someone who knows where you are and where you started, that can remind you of how far you've come when you feel like your progress may not be where you thought it would be. If you're not sure that you have those type of people in your life already, join a gym and start making new friends! Option 1 Fitness could be a great place for you to find your "squad" and make you feel at home!

We are sending many vibes of positivity and motivation your way! We look forward to seeing you all and meeting new faces as this year goes on!

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