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Transformation Tuesday

Here at Option 1 Fitness we love our members and want to celebrate everyone of their successes with them big or small. For our first ever Transformation Tuesday Option 1 Fitness wants to celebrate and congratulation one of our Leominster club members Amanda Billingham.

"Success means a little something different to everyone. I have always been someone who went to the gym but never had the results. A year ago this month I took a look at my life and habits and made a big change. I changed my lifestyle starting with my career to my eating habits and my gym routines. Starting at 168 a year ago I hit my 125 mark. Option 1 has made it so easy to get the results I strive for by having a judgement free clean friendly gym to go to. Dan the trainer was helpful this year checking my numbers and helping to educate me, along with regulars at the gym. It's a constant mental game and making some right choices and living with the bad ones and using as fuel to work harder."

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