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Don't be Fooled by Marketing Ploys

Do you ever stop and look inside other people's shopping carts? I do, and I often

times find that people who think they're making healthy choices have actually been

duped by some clever marketing.

Here are some of those claims:

• Organic

• 100% Natural

• Farm Product

• High Fiber

• Non GMO

• Gluten Free

• No High Fructose Corn Syrup

• Immunity Support

• Sugar Free

• Og Trans Fat

• Made with Real Fruit Juice

• Fat Free

• Heart Healthy

• Whole Grain

• USDA Approved

• Lowers Cholesterol

These claims are plastered all over every box, bag and carton in every middle isle of the grocery store. We all know that old adage:

Only shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

And it is so very true! The bulk of the ingredients (See that, we are buying ingredients, not buying things with ingredients) you're buying should be coming from the perimeter. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lean meats, dairy, eggs and frozen fruits and vegetables too!

Eating healthy is simple... and you don't need a label stamped on claiming "health"... when is the last time you bought an apple with a "healthy" sticker on it anyway!?

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