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Staying Healthy on the Road

When traveling we’re faced with many temptations, often times first seen right at the airport before you’ve even left…. You know what I mean… you’re hit almost instantly with that scent of ooey-gooey goodness from Cinnabon. Most other options are burgers and fries, pizza, burritos, ice cream, and well, you get the idea! Sometimes the best decision might be grabbing a yogurt and fresh fruit at the news stand. Maybe you share a burrito and a salad with a friend. It’s tough, but totally manageable!

While traveling we’re faced with dining out, time crunches, late nights, and early mornings. Often times you find you have less control because the options that are provided are slim. But you CAN decide how much you eat, and how you will be exercising to help expend some calories. Sometimes you have to just make the best choices possible, and try to be prepared for what lies ahead. If time allows, you can go online to scope out menus at restaurants you will be visiting and go in with a plan of action! Start with a salad to help fill you up with the good stuff before your meal. Drink a lot of water! Share a dessert instead of having your own.

We aren’t by any means suggesting you deprive yourself of all treats and indulgences, we are just suggesting that you plan them out a bit and balance your choices with the nutrients your body craves and the movement it deserves!

You can also prepare yourself by having some healthy snack options on hand! Some travel-friendly ideas are nuts, clementines, granola bars, beef jerky, apples, cut veggies, trail mix, popcorn, pretzels, dates, muffins and applesauce!

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