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Don't Resist This Band

A resistance band, or tubing is a versatile tool that you can use at home, on a hike, or even pack it right in your suitcase without taking up too much precious cargo room! With just one band, you can perform MANY exercises, both for strength training as well as cardio! Some ideas for strength training:

• Squats • Lateral Steps • Bow and Arrow • Chest Press • Bicep Curls • Donkey Kicks • Reverse Flys • Abduction/Adduction • Bridge with Kick Press • Shoulder Raises

Some ideas for cardio (with band laid in straight line on the ground):

• Step touch over • Single leg hop over • Two foot hop over • Football Run on Either Side • Burpee, Jump Over, Burpee • Squat Jump Over • Surfer Squats Over • Skaters Over • Low Lunge w/ touch

With SO many uses of a band, and a low cost of about $7, it just makes sense to have one on hand or to throw one into your suitcase before your next trip!

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