To Our Loyal Members- 
Friendly reminder that the next facility enhancement fee is approaching! The next date is 09.01.2022. 
If you are unsure if you have a September or February annual fee, please see someone in the office and we can check for you! (: 

Class Changes Month of August

Week beginning on August 1st- 

Monday August 1st- 5:30 pm Cycle w Karen F. 

Tuesday August 2nd- 9am Cycle w Karen F. 

                                12pm Flow w Bridget

                                4:30 pm Cardio Core w Donna K

Thursday August 4th-6am 20x3 w Donna K

                                4:30pm Yoga w Bridget

Week beginning on August 8th- 

Tuesday August 9th- 7:45am Low Impact w Lisa

                                4:30pm Cardio Core w Ryan

Wednesday August 10th- 7:45 am Group Training w Ryan 

Friday August 12th- 9am Cardio box w Shaun 

Week beginning on August 15th- 

Monday August 15th- 9 am Sculpt Intervals (Undetermined will update)

Tuesday August 16th- 7:45 am Low Impact w Shaun

                                 9 am Strength w Ryan

                                 4:30 pm Cardio Core w Ryan

Wednesday August 17th- 6am Cardio Box w Ryan

                                      7:45 am Group Training w Ryan

Thursday August 18th- 7:45 am Cardio w Ryan

                                  9 am Strength w Ryan 

Friday August 19th- 6am Cardio Dance- Undetermined (Will update)

                             9am Cardio Variety w Judy